Aktio – Preveza Immersed Tunnel Presentation

One of the most demanding and prestigious projects in Greece.

The project was undertaken by Christiani & Nielsen Ltd – TCGC SA Joint Venture. The projects’ know how came from Christiani & Nielsen which was amongst the first to develop and utilize the relative techniques inernationally.

The main design was made by COMAR, a Danish specialty designer, formerly part of Christiani & Nielsen, and now part of COWI Group.

Civil works designs were made by greek designers and design coordination was made by Doxiadis Associates.  Doxiadis Associates was also responsible for transportation studies, highway and toll station design, buildings design and surrounding area design. Stonecolumns were designed by the greek designer Kar.. by his office in germany. Electromechanical design was made by Zannis office. Lightning was made in cooperation with Philips. Persides design was made by the National Technical University of Athens (Metsovion) which also made a simulation model. The tunells BIM system was made by Siemens.

 Design Checking was made by … and the project’s Quality Control was made by …

The works consist of an immersed part 1.100 m long placed at max 28 m depth and having a small curvature. The tunnel has one lane per direction plus sidewalks for maintenance and emergency reasons.